All the Falcons' jerseys

Konnie Johannesson's 1920 jersey.
It can be seen in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
There were no player names or numbers on these jerseys.

Konnie's jersey    Picture courtesy of xxx

Here's where the Falcons' jerseys came from,
courtesy of The Toronto Star, March 26, 1920.

"The team which represents Canada
at the Olympic games in Belgium will
wear jerseys instead of sweaters, as
the weather will be too warm for the
latter. The jerseys are now being
manufactured. The colors will be old
gold and black. Across the breast
the name "Canada" will be woven and
on the back there will be a large
maple leaf."

Nike's replica jersey, 2003


The special jerseys made for the CBC program, 2006
Front & Back


And a fourth, the commemorative jerseys made for Hockey Canada, 2007

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