A very flattering clipping from an Antwerp news magazine of the time -
full-page news magazine article about the games     fascinating paragraph needing translation
Translation of that paragraph-(thanks to an expert in Montreal)
For the people of Anvers (Antwerp) the truly amazing revelation was the performance of the Canadian hockey team; no one will forget easily the Sunday evening at the Ice Palace where this team battled against the team of the United States. A full house, agitated, feverish, so much the public was sensitive to the spectacle and the intelligence inspired by this show of force, where the true merit affirms, through endurance, a tenacity, a true superiority.
If the Canadians thus carried the brave fight against the United States and Sweden, it is that their play was constantly more disciplined, never a single player looking for individual glory, these men, in their united action, playing their assigned and required places, never to the detriment of the overall play, a team success exceeding individual achievement. But always and everywhere a coordinated play, the wise "shot". These qualities ensured a brilliant triumph of Canada as far as the extraordinary individual value of each of the team members.

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