Excerpts from letters of Bill Fridfinnson to his fiancee in Winnipeg

Toronto, March 25, 1920 There was a big bunch at the station to meet the gang. Lots of Winnipeg fellows. Mr. Church, the Mayor, came in right away to see Mike and he has now taken the boys out for a look around before supper.
There is very little Toronto money in sight,( (article)(continuation) and what there is, they want 2-1 on the Falcons. I think the Falcons will go in on Saturday night as big favourites to win.

March 26th, 1920
Just now nearly the whole bunch is up in Eaton's recreation room at the King Edward Hotel. Eaton's has given us the use of this room whenever we like for our own private party, and believe me it is some place. There is a grand player piano, a splendid phonograph and plenty of records. A lovely fireplace and such chairs! and lounges! You feel like never getting up again- a nice library and two billiard tables.

You can't imagine how crazy this City is about hockey. The hotel is full, all the time, of people coming in to see us. I thought we had a tough time with tickets in Winnipeg, but nothing compared with this. We get telegrams and phone calls from all over Canada and the States asking us "for God's sake" to keep a ticket. Price no object. We got 350, but have been asked for 3000. This morning the boys had a little practice and there were nearly 2000 people to size them up.
There are more invitations than we could accept in a month. Tonight we are all invited to some high class boxing match. Free, of course. The tickets are $5 each.

March 28th, 1920
To say the bunch was happy after the game last night (article)is putting it mildly. We sure were a happy family. It was nearly 4 o'clock when I went to sleep last night. We were visiting one another and talking over the game and imagining how the people were in Winnipeg. The crowd at the rink gave the Falcons a great cheer for their performance.
Today we are invited to see the big Airdrome, and a ride around the city. Tomorrow night to a banquet at the Sportsman's Club, and Tuesday at 2 o'clock Eaton's is giving us a banquet at their store. Telegrams have been coming in all morning from Winnipeg and other points with congratulations.

March 29, 1920
The Toronto papers gave the Falcons a great write up.(article) They claim they never saw so much speed on one team before and gave them credit for being one of the finest hockey teams they ever saw. SPEED is their slogan, they say. Mike Goodman, one paper says, made the spectators cross-eyed watching him, and that he is the fastest thing they ever saw without wheels, also that Frank is the best center player they ever saw.

March 31st, 1920
Tomorrow we leave for Montreal,(article) where we will spend one day and then to St. John's, New Brunswick where we sail from next Saturday on the liner Melita. (article)
We have received about 100 telegrams since we won the cup. Most of which you will see later in the Free Press.(telegram)
The mayor of Toronto never gives the boys a chance to go anywhere without him. He is with them nearly all the time.

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