Excerpts from letters of Bill Fridfinnson to his fiancee in Winnipeg

April 14th, 1920 In London
A splendid time since we arrived, sightseeing, some wonderful places to see, but not half enough time at each place - Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Old Bailey the famous London Police Station, Tower of London, etc. (article) Tomorrow we leave for Dover then by a boat to Ostend, and by rail to Antwerp. We will not know when the 1st game is, or who we play against until we get there.(article)

April 17th, 1920 in Antwerp Belgium
Frank, Konnie and I did some sightseeing today. We went all through the famous Antwerp castle - built over 1200 years ago - contains many historic things used hundreds of years ago, also many beautiful paintings - also a horrible dungeon deep under the castle, where prisoners were kept & maltreated before being put to death.
The boys had a practice at the rink yesterday, and the rink manager asked us to play an exhibition game today at 5:30 amongst ourselves for charity. We are going to do it, 6 men a side. The line up is
- 1st team - Byron, Konnie, Bob, Chris, Huck and myself
- 2nd team - Frank, Mike, Slim, Hebbi, Mundi and Mr. Hewitt
We will surely have some fun.

April 22nd, 1920
We play our first game Saturday night against Czechoslovakia. Then the big game with the Yanks on Sunday night, and if we win, the final game on Monday night. Then we are through until the distribution of prizes takes place. After the championship is decided the remaining 6 teams play a 2nd series for 2nd place and the same system for third.

If we win, we expect to take a couple of days while 2nd and 3rd is being decided to look over some of the battle fields.

April 28, 1920
Monday night after we beat the Swedes (article), Mr. Hewitt (picture)arranged for a banquet at the hotel here. It was just a private affair, only our party and the Mgr. of the C.P.R. It was some banquet - we will remember it as long as we live. The party didn't break up until nearly 5 o'clock in the morning. Each man around the table gave at least one speech, and some gave several.

Last night the C.P.R. gave us the 2nd banquet. (article) The one they promised us if we won. It was a splendid success. They presented each one of us with an enlarged picture. The presentation of the prizes will take place on the 29th. From here we go to Ypres to see the battle fields and then to Paris for a couple of days. (Paris luncheon menu)

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