Konnie Johannesson's jersey The Olympic Rings, VII Olympiade

Home at last, in Triumph

Now what was everyone going to do? The team that nobody wanted to play with, those sons of foreign immigrants ( all of them Canadian-born and educated ) had just proved that they were the best hockey players in the world. What to do?
Jump on the bandwagon, of course. And what a band wagon it was. There was ---
  • A monster parade in their honour
  • Presentation gold pocket watches
  • Several Banquets
  • A championship team picture to buy for your living room
  • and, of course, the overdue presentation of the Allan Cup to Canada's champions
A monster parade

A Public Holiday declared
More parade pictures
An inscribed Waltham gold watch for each player

Konnie's presentation gold watch, dial view
Konnie's presentation gold watch, still running
Ceremonial Banquets

An invitation to the City-sponsored banquet for 400 people
A banquet provided by the T. Eaton Company
An Army reunion
The 223rd battalion veterans banquet & reunion
The official championship picture, on sale in Winnipeg. A copy of this picture hung in our family home until 1969 and still hangs in Konnie's daughter's home.
Championship picture available for sale after the Games

A few copies are still in existence.
A computer-recreated championship picture is now available.
Newly restored championship picture
The Presentation of the Allan Cup at Wesley Baseball Field
Allan Cup Presentation pictures

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