Konnie Johannesson's jersey The Olympic Rings, VII Olympiade

Legacy and Memories


Freda Johannsson, 1918 click hereMuch of this website would not have been possible without my mother's scrapbook and my father's photo album. My mother started the scrapboook in 1917, when the 223rd Battalion team was formed, and continued right through until about 1921. It lived in the family linen closet in a paper dry-cleaners bag for many decades.

After the death of my mother in 1969 the scrapbook was kept by her older daughter, until I received it in 2000. It was loaned to CBC television while they were making the Hockey History TV series and it is now in the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame in Winnipeg.
Over 200 newspaper articles from the scrapbook are here, just click on it.

Photo album picture The photo album stayed in a drawer at my sister's house for many years, rediscovered in 2004.
It also contains many other interesting pictures .
Konnie's jersey
  • Canada's first Olympic Medal for hockey, now in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • Konnie's Falcons jersey now in the Hockey Hall of Fame is here
  • For pictures of Konnie's personal mementos Click here
Excerpts of letters from Bill Fridfinnsson to his fiancee in Winnipeg.
  • Letters written while the team was in Toronto.
  • Letters written from the S.S. Melita, at sea.
  • Letters written from Europe
  • Letter written on the way home.

Click here for all the memorabilia.

VII Olympiade armband      Presentation watch      Olympic medal     
An amazing clipping from an Antwerp news magazine of that time.
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