Winnipeg Falcons - W.W. I Military Biographies

Hebbie Axford D.F.C. - Club President
Bobby  Benson - Left defence
Wally Byron - Goal
Frank Fredrickson - Captain, Centre
Konnie Johannesson - Right defence
Bill Fridfinnsson - Secretary-Treasurer
Gordon Sigurjonsson - Trainer


All biographical material and pictures were provided by the Icelandic Veteran's Database, "Minningarrit", from the "Book Of Life Vesturaettir".  Published in 1923, the pictures and Icelandic biographies are copyright by the Jon Sigurdsson Chapter of the  IODE. The Book of Life website itself is the copyright of the United Icelandic Appeal.

English translations written by the IODE Regent, Winnipeg

"Hebbie" Axford, Club President

H Axford

Herbert Axford was born August 24, 1894 at Glenboro, Manitoba, son of Arni Arnason and Gudbjorg Jonsdottir. Arni was from Skogum in Axarfjord, Iceland and Gudbjorg was from Ljotsstadir in Vopnafjord, Iceland. Herbert enlisted in the Armed Forces on March 4, 1916, and served in the Royal Air Force
in France and Belgium where he distinguished himself for his bravery and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and gained the rank of Captain. He returned to Winnipeg, Manitoba in May 1919. Herbert (Hebbie) Axford was President of the Winnipeg Falcon Hockey Team.

Bobby Benson, Left Defence

B Benson

Robert (Bobby) John Benson was born 1894 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (not Regina), son of Benedikt Johannesson and Rosa Gudmundsdottir. Benedikt was from Naustavik in Koldukinn in Thingeyarsysla and Rosa was from Vatnakot in Eyjafjardarsysla. Robert joined the 223rd Regiment on March 21,
1916, and took part in a number of battles in France from the time he arrived on active duty until the war ended. He was not wounded. He came back to Canada after peace was declared. He is married to Carry Gillespie and they make their home in Winnipeg. Robert is a carpenter and works as a house-builder.

Wally Byron, Goal

W Byron

Jacob Walter (Wally) Byron was born September 2, 1894, son of Bjorn Bjornson Byron and Margret Kristjansdottir. Bjorn was from Thorormstunga in Hunavatnssysla and Margret was from Bjargi in Midfirdi, Hunavatnssysla. They now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Wally enlisted in the 223rd Regiment on April 1, 1916,
and went to Europe with the Regiment in 1917. He took part in the battles of Amiens, Arras and Cambrai. He was not wounded. He returned to Canada May 26, 1919. He works as a bookkeeper in Winnipeg. He was one of the Falcons Hockey Team who went to Antwerp and won in the Olympics there.

Frank Fredrickson, Captain

F Fredrickson
Sigurdur Franklin (Frank) Frederickson was born July 11, 1895, son of Jon Vidalin Fridriksson and Gudlaug S. Sigurdardottir. Jon was the son of Fridrik Davidson and was from Hverfi in Vididal, Iceland. Gudlaug was the daughter of Gudlaugur Sigurdsson and came from Stapaseli in Stafholtstunga. Sigurdur enlisted in February, 1916.
He went to England April, 1917 and from there was sent to Egypt to train as a pilot. After this he was sent to Scotland to train pilots. During this time he was quite seriously injured. He returned to Canada May 1919, able to work. Frank is well known for his ability in sports and is one of the famous Falcon Hockey Team players that won at the Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920.

Konnie Johannesson, Right Defence

K Johannesson

Konrad (Konnie) Johannesson was born at Glenboro (not Argyle), Manitoba on August 10, 1896, son of Jonas Johannesson and Rosa Einarsdottir. Jonas was from Geiteyjarstrond in Myvatnssveit, Iceland and Rosa was from Husavik, Iceland. They now live in Winnipeg. Konnie enlisted in the armed forces on March 18, 1916,
and a year later was sent to England. From there he was sent to Egypt where he attended flying school, became a pilot and a Flying Instructor. He returned to Canada May 19, 1919, and is now attending University in Winnipeg. He is very good in sports and was one of the players on the Falcon Hockey Team who won at the Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920.

Bill Fridfinnsson, Secretary-Treasurer

B Fridfinnsson

Born at Brú P.O., Manitoba, 7th of January 1890. His parents were: composer Jón Friðfinnsson, (son of Jónssonar), from Breiðdal in South Múlasýsla and Anna Sigríður Jónsdóttir from Þverá in Eyjarfirði.
Vilhjálmur joined the Canadian Artillery on 11th of February 1918, but was never sent Overseas. He was released from the Armed Services on 4th of December 1918. He now serves as a clerk at the Post Office in Winnipeg.

Gordon Sigurjonsson, Trainer

G Sigurjonsson

Gudmundur Sigurjonsson was born April 15, 1883 in South-Thingeyjarsysla, Iceland. His parents were Sigurjon Gudmundsson and Fridfinna Davidsdottir. They lived at Grimstadir near Myvatn. Gudmundur joined the Armed Forces on May 16, 1916.
He became a Sergeant in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 27th Battalion, and served on active duty until the Armistice. He was with the British Army in Germany and served there for 4 months. He returned to Canada May 28, 1919. Gudmundur is a merchant in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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