Memorabilia, those things we can still see and touch.

Olympic medal      Olympic medal
Canada's first Olympic Medal for Hockey,
presented for the first of a long line of victories.
Presentation watch
The Waltham pocket watch presented by the City of Winnipeg to each player.
The inscription reads:
Presented by the City of Winnipeg
K. Johannesson
Falcon Hockey Club Worlds' Champions
Olympic Games 1920.
Presentation watch
The inscription on the fob reads:
Presented by Jon Sigurdson IODE
K. Johannesson
VII Olympiade armband     
The silk armband worn by the participants while in Antwerp, and a Falcons booster ribbon

and a pennant for your wall.
There are also copies of the cablegrams sent to the team while on their journey into history.
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cable to Konnie Johannesson