The Winnipeg Falcons - the World's first Olympic Hockey Champions
The Johannesson family scrapbook contains hundreds of newspaper clippings about the 223rd Battalion hockey team,
the Allan Cup games, the Falcons and the Olympic games press reports.
Pictures of the scrapbook itself and some of the pages are here.

Scrapbook contents:

  • Articles about the 223rd Battalion team of the 1916-1917 season are here.

  • Miscellaneous items about the Falcons are here.

  • Games against Brandon are here.

  • Games against Fort William are here.

  • Games against Winnipeg Monarchs are here.

  • Games against Selkirk are here.

  • Games against Winnipeg Victorias are here.

  • Games against Winnipeg Winnipegs are here.

  • Reports about the Allan Cup series in Toronto, March 1920, are here..

  • News reports about the official opening of the Olympic games are here.
    These reports prove that hockey was officially part of the Games, and not just a "demonstration sport".

  • Stories about the trip to Antwerp and where some of the money came from are here.

  • News reports about the Olympic games, from the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Tribune are here

  • The game against the United States, when the Falcons wore the black and gold jerseys is described here..(second last paragraph, center column)

  • The Olympic Games program and other items of interest are here..

  • An interesting clipping about the team coaching the other countries' teams is here..

  • The Falcons' triumphant arrival home in Winnipeg is here..
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