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Program from the 7th Olympiade, Antwerp, 1920      Figure skating & hockey from the Olympic program

The World's First Olympic Hockey Champions

On Sunday April 26th, 2020 the Centenary of the Falcons' victory will be celebrated at a
special ceremony at the Manitoba Sports Hall Of Fame in Winnipeg.
How the world and the Olympics have changed during this last century!
Headline- Falcons are Olympic champions

Falcons Club picture 1919-1920      Plaque awarded by the Canadian Olympic committee

This is the story of the Winnipeg Falcons, the world's first Olympic Hockey champions. The Falcons are unique among Olympic hockey teams: not only were they the first champions, but because their descendants, almost all of Icelandic heritage, still unite to form a common front whenever the reputations of their fathers, grandfathers, uncles or great-uncles are threatened.

I started this website in September 1999 to re-educate the world about Canada's long-forgotten hockey heroes, the Winnipeg Falcons. I also have a personal interest, since my father Konrad (Konnie) Johannesson played defense on the team. For more about his aviation career, click here.
Their story is divided into 10 parts, hopefully in some kind of chronological order.

Part One - The Team:   The history of the Falcons, from the team's beginning in 1911.
Part Two - The People on the Team: Who were they, the world's best hockey team?
Part Three: The 223rd Battalion, Canadian Army: Seven future Olympic team members enlisted in 1916 and went overseas. All survived.
Part Four - the Road to victory: What did it take to win the gold medal in ice hockey at the VIIth Olympiade?
Part Five - The VIIth Olympiade: How different the games were from our modern political, photographic and media extravaganzas.
Part Six - Tourist pictures taken after the Games in Antwerp and Paris.
Part Seven - Home at Last, in Triumph: Let the bandwagons roll, for the best of all reasons.
Part Eight - Atonement: After all these years of disdain and neglect, what's been happening?
Part Nine - Legacy & Mementos: All we have left after 100 years.
Part Ten - Some other interesting pictures.

March 2020:

Click on this image to download a copyright-free high-resolution picture of the Winnipeg Falcons team. This is a computer-enhanced version of the one originally available for purchase in the Spring/Summer of 1920. Please use this picture for all future media or archival purposes because of its quality and because it includes the team name, the occasion, the date and the players' names. Also, please consider replacing any inferior Falcons' pictures you may be using now with this one.

Computer-enhanced pictures of all the hockey teams and of all the Olympic participants are available for downloading copyright-free.
Click here to view, select and download the other team pictures.

November 2014:

Historica Canada has released a new Heritage Minute video about the Falcons. This has led to a lot of publicity about the Falcons, on TV, on the Web and in print.
Here are some of the links:

The The official Heritage Minute video.
A different link to the Heritage Minute video on You Tube.

The Canadian Encyclopedia:
exhibits pages.
article pages.

The Winnipeg Free Press:

Heritage Minute announcement, November 1st 2014.
Another feature
about the minute on November 7th 2014.
An article about the Falcons on November 8th.

CBC Television News:

Released a feature about the team on Remembrance Day.

Global Television News in Winnipeg:

The Heritage minute announcement, November 13th, 2014.
A News feature about the Falcons, November 13th, 2014.

On November 24th, 2012 the Winnipeg Free Press published a special section about the Icelandic Community in Manitoba, including an article about the Falcons. Go to: Golden Boys Article.

2010 Olympic News:

There is still one article available in the media about the Falcons and the 2010 Olympics:

Feb. 16th: The Globe & Mail.

David Square's book David Square's book

When Falcons Fly:

Canadian author David Square has written an excellent book
about the Falcons, for more information go to:   "When Falcons Fly"

Podnieks book

December 2009:

Canadian hockey author Andrew Podnieks has written a new book:

"Canada's Olympic Hockey History 1920-2010"

which contains an excellent chapter about the Falcons.
You can see it and all his other books at Andrew's website

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